Two days that can change your life.

  • What if you could change everything you want to change in your life?
  • What if you could lead life the way you want?
  • Do you want to become the person you really are?

You do? Then this Master Class is for you. It creates your chance to totally change your life and learn how to be all that you can to be.

Unlocking your Future is a powerful programme. It helps you release the abundant, untapped resources you have inside. It guides you to the people and solutions you need to create a bright, compelling future for yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to get on-track and live fully. Whether it is freeing yourself from negative emotions, sad memories or limiting decisions, or creating your perfect relationship, achieving and maintaining your ideal weight or level of fitness, increasing your income or accelerating your career and business; all these goals are achievable when your life is aligned and the negatives are removed.

Why would this interest me?
The Unlocking Your Future Master Class will teach you how to eliminate your personal blocks and replace them with effective and powerful strategies that can change your life. When you understand how to change the way you are now you can become the person you have always wanted to be.

What will Unlocking Your Future do for me?
During the two days you will learn about the power of the unconscious mind and how to work with this power to free yourself from negative emotions, sad memories or limiting decisions; how to create your perfect relationship, achieve and maintain your ideal weight or level of fitness; increase your income or accelerate your career and business. All these are achievable goals and when you make your intentions real you can achieve them.

How will I benefit?
The personal benefits include increasing your personal choices as you become able to:
Heal your past
Achieve your highest goals
Do the things you always wanted to do
Create what you want in life now and in the future
Achieve personal transformation

You have the capacity to shape a positive future and Unlocking Your Future will show you how to do that. It will show you how to release negative emotions and remove limiting beliefs in order to create positive outcomes.

What will be covered in the training?
How to get back in touch with the life of your dreams
How to stop negative emotions that keep you from living at full capability
Let go of sadness, so that your joy for living can shine through
Dissolve anger for greater personal control and well-being
Eliminate the destructive power of guilt
Move from fear into personal power
Gain emotional freedom for a richer life
The process that is key to making right decisions in your life
How to get motivated and get back your passion for living
Learn a method for setting goals that really work
Achieve successful relationships
Attract the right love relationship
Change your financial future
Define what you really want in life
Develop a winning attitude
Eliminate negative habits
Stop procrastination
Achieve business and career goals
Accelerate healing
Awaken your higher consciousness

All this is possible because Unlocking Your Future is an intensive personal development Master Class that is life enhancing. It will teach you how to shape a positive future. You will learn how to open your potential by removing the obstructions, the negatives and limitations, in order to achieve focus, action and the ability to consistently make better choices. By learning how to make intentions real you can transform your future and change the way you experience your world.

How much, where and when is Unlocking your Future?
The Unlocking Your Future Master Class is designed for small groups and is run in conjunction with local organisers, and promoted by those organisers. The numbers for this Master Class are usually limited to between 12 and 30 people so that each delegate can gain the best personal benefit by being part of a small group.

How do I book?
Registration is by email to the local organisers. For details of forthcoming dates and where these events are being held email

What will I get out of Unlocking Your Future?
You will learn to get in touch with your own internal time machine and how it creates your future. You will learn seven elements that determine your life:

  1. Take responsibility for who you are
  2. Understand what are your values and clarify what is important to you
  3. Learn how to create positive intentions and give them a time reference
  4. Clean up any past memories that are no longer consistent with what you want from your future life
  5. Create your future by establishing your real intentions in your future timeline
  6. Understand how to align your thoughts with your goals
  7. Become able to play everything at 100%

Unlocking Your Future is a standalone workshop. Over the two days delegates will experience powerful benefits and have the opportunity to effect significant change within themselves.

This could be the most important training you will ever take.
It has the potential to transform your life. The Master Class will guide you to the solutions you need to make all those intentions real. You have felt life could be better and you see ways that it could be improved. Now come, see, hear, feel and experience the ways a better future can be made real. For maximum effectiveness this will be a small group seminar so reserve your place now to ensure that this year you will make all those intentions real.

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