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Your Personal Breakthrough is a unique confidential One-to-One programme

The events in your life profoundly influence the way you feel.
By changing the way you think, you can change the way you feel.
Change the way you feel and see the world, and you change the world you live in.
These are changes that empower you to attain the self-actualisation of your potential.

The way we handle our memories, the way we feel about the events of our life, the way we react to what we hear, the way we respond to what we see – these are all factors that shape our experience of life. Either these can be factors that control or shape us, or they can be things we learn from as we take control and shape our own lives.

Gain control of your life, rather than being effected by your reactions to situations, and you become in charge of your emotions and feelings. This allows you to choose to take the right attitude; enabling you to find benefits in all situations. You will hear people say, "You have changed," and you will know it is true and you have become happier in yourself.

The Breakthrough process will enable you to identify what makes you truly happy and what you genuinely want to focus on. You will be empowered to take action so that your life becomes an enjoyable journey towards all the things that you want, and all that makes you truly happy.

The Benefits for You

The benefits from a Personal Breakthrough are astonishingly broad.

You will be changed as a person.
You will develop personal performance and leadership skills unlike anything you have achieved before.
You will improve communication.
You will cope with change.
You will understand and master stress.
You will gain problem solving strategies.
You will improve your relationship with others.
You will understand what you want in all areas of your life.
You will learn faster.
You will get rid of bad habits and phobias.
You will learn to live in the present.
You will have self-esteem and realistic objectives.

This Present Moment is where change happens
It is important that you have the energy to enjoy each day, with a life that is in balance, where you know you are achieving your potential and you are fulfilled by your circumstances and relationships.
All this is possible when you decide you are going to change. Your Breakthrough is your personal programme designed individually to equip you to create your choice of future, with greater goals and outcomes you become empowered to achieve.

Your Personal Breakthrough takes you from where you are, removing the barriers and equipping you to be where you want to be.
Your Personal Breakthrough is an intensive one to one programme over four days. It is designed to enable you to optimise the rest of your life.

"The most important day of my life"
DD after his final breakthrough day

The programme starts by eliciting your present values and the way you look at the world. This enables you to question whether this is the way you wish to look at the world. Over the four days of your Breakthrough you become able to reconsider how your values are prioritised. You can evaluate if this is the way you want to continue to see the world. You will see what is important to you. You clarify your aspirations in order to enable you to most effectively develop your own personal future. During the programme your values will evolve and your aspirations will change. You will learn how to create achievable goals that bring you the future you desire.

In the early part of the Breakthrough process, your issues and personal history will be addressed in order to free you to move towards your desired future. These past issues can be negative emotions, or limiting decisions which you may find troubling, including phobias and fears; likes and dislikes; habits and concepts of self-esteem.

In the later part of the Breakthrough programme you will be able to look beyond these concerns towards the higher objectives, giving yourself new values and new self-belief, with the goals you have always dreamed of; but previously thought were beyond your attainment. Your Personal Breakthrough can make those dreams, and therefore your true life attainable.

Your Participation
This programme requires a commitment from you. Before the programme starts, you will be provided with questionnaires and preparatory work. This has to be completed and returned ten days prior to the commencement of your Personal Breakthrough. The preparatory work and completed questionnaires will be used to design for you a personalized programme tailored specifically to suit your goals.

The Personal Breakthrough programme runs for four consecutive days and gives you a complete one to one personal session each day. The outcomes of each day may additionally require you to undertake evening homework in preparation for the next session. The changes you can make in your life are dependent on your commitment to the process of your individually tailored programme. If you do not do the preparatory work the programme may be cancelled and half the fee will be returned to you. The programme facilitator will have prepared the sessions to enable you to make the changes you want and full commitment by you is for your benefit, to give you the maximum value, making these few days of your life the time for empowerment that enables you to fully own the rest of your life.

A Positive Outcome
The outcomes from your Personal Breakthrough will be appropriate and specific to what you discover about yourself and your higher aspirations during the process. You will be clear about what you really want for yourself. The programme will equip you to think for yourself; be able to balance your short-term and long-term interests and accept self-responsibility.

Essentially you will become enlightened as to your self-interest and able to develop vital focus on the things that genuinely interest you, developing them with realistic expectations. This opens you to self-actualisation, a combination of evolved elements that results in a changed person.

You will become a person who likes themselves. The commitment is serious and you start by asking yourself do I want to be changed? You do, and taking this Personal Breakthrough Programme becomes the best thing you have ever done.

The Personal Breakthrough is of course completely confidential and normally is done in the form of a retreat. You and the Programme Facilitator will retire to a hotel for the four days, and the entire focus will be on you and your needs and evolution. It is an immensely fulfilling process and will give you a forward looking positive attitude to your rewarding future.


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