The Prospero Life Coaching teaches a whole life approach, using elements very many sources, to produce a radical Well Being. This involves a blend of therapy and spiritual practice. In the therapy elements we use NLP which is the study of human experience, communication, thinking, language and behaviour. NLP is about noticing conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns. It is about modelling excellence and understanding the process in how we communicate to ourselves and others.

Einstein once defined insanity as a person who does exactly the same thing time and time again and expects different results.

We are all guilty, to some extent, of this behaviour and NLP gives you a way of changing the way you do things so you can improve your life's results.
NLP is really an instruction manual for the mind which allows a person to understand the way they, and others think, and then gives you techniques that can help you change yours (and others) thinking to achieve specific results.
For the spiritual balance we also include Mindfulness, Meditation, and where we are running residential workshops we arrange for yoga and massage to be part of a complete well Being programme.

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