How your values could change during the Breakthrough process

In the two graphs below can be seen how the Client can change their world view and at the same time enhance the positives and reduce the negatives. The graphs relate to a real Client situation. The Client in this case was a qualified NLP Practitioner and had already done much preparatory work during the Practitioner Training; as a result the Breakthrough covered two days rather than the usual four days. On Day One of the Breakthrough the client does a values level thinking inventory to see which levels of thinking our client is pouring energy into - both by accepting or rejecting that particular level.
The aim is then to review their goals and then align their thinking with their goals, equipping the client with what is needed for the achievement of those goals. During the process negative emotions are addressed and limiting decisions and resolved. Ultimately our aim is to empower the Client to put energy into the positives rather than the negatives. Sometimes we put much effort into maintaining negatives without being consciously aware that is what we are doing).
Following teaching about the nature of Values Levels the client in this real case decided he wanted strong levels of values 5, 6 and especially 7. Below are the results that he achieved in his breakthrough session on day one and then day two.

Day 1

Day 2

Notice how the negatives have been reduced, allowing the client to have so much more energy for the positives, and thus so much closer in moving towards the desired outcomes in his future

Results like this are normal and are just a part of the overall life changing experience of your personal breakthrough. Amongst the many things you will learn is that Perception is Projection - meaning that the way you see the world becomes the nature of the world you live in. A Personal Breakthrough hugely expands your horizons, giving you a whole new world and that means you can have a whole new life. This is a life changing joyful experience.

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