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Prime Breakthrough® for Personal Change


Prime Breakthrough® is the personal life change programme available only from Prospero Life Coaching.

Prime Breakthrough® is an intensive four day programme focussed on you. It requires your complete participation without distraction, so you should plan to keep your diary free. There will be detailed preparatory work that must be completed prior to your personal breakthrough. This will be to assist both you and our facilitator in ascertaining your values and the issues in your life history, so that the entire programme can be focussed on your needs, concerns and objectives. There may be additional work to be done between sessions that you will need to do to maximise the benefit of the following day.

This is a high quality programme and it is expensive. Our Facilitator is extensively trained and his sole attention throughout the programme will be on your needs. The programme is UK based, but such is our expertise that we are in demand worldwide and for running the programme outside the UK there is an additional charge for travel and accommodation. In order to maintain focus and create a neutral location without distraction we normally base the programme at a city centre hotel which provides suitable facilities.

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