The American Board of NLP supports coaching principles and philosophy that say, as did Milton Erickson, MD, that every Client has all the resources that s/he needs to succeed in life, but that s/he may not be in touch with those resources. Further we believe that each Client is doing the best s/he can with the resources s/he has available, and that every behavior is motivated by a positive intent. Because of this we believe that the Coach's job is to:
Set outcomes and goals with the Client
Encourage and assist the Client to discover his needed resources through tasking and other NLP and Creating Your Future" (CYF) processes.
Offer support and elicit the Client's best results through on-going relationship, and make sure the Client stays on the Cause side of the Cause and Effect statement, and thereby accomplishes the desired results.

NLP Coaching is an ongoing relationship between a Coach and a Client (who may be an individual or an organization) where the NLP Coach uses NLP, and CYF processes to assist the Client to produce desired results, goals and objectives in the Client's career, relationships, health and fitness, family, spirituality, personal growth or in life. During the ongoing relationship, the Coach and Client will meet regularly. At each meeting they will discuss the Client's goals and outcomes, and the results of the previous tasks assigned. They will also do any processes necessary to bring out the Client's natural resources. Finally, the Coach will assign any further tasks necessary to cause the Client to take action.
NLP Coaches advance the skills, capabilities and success of their clients, and they respect the rights of the people seeking their coaching as follows:

1. The NLP Coach will disclose as early in the relationship as is appropriate that any information disclosed to Coach will be held confidential by Coach.
2. Except where required by law, the NLP Coach will keep all of the Client's information confidential.
3. The NLP Coach will not divulge the name of any client (verbally or in print advertising) unless he has written permission from the Client. When discussing case studies in a teaching situation the NLP Coach Trainer will also take reasonable precaution to make sure that the identity of the Client is not obvious.
4. All written notes will be safeguarded and disposed of in a way that will not make the information available to anyone else.
5. If the Client and the person compensating the Coach are different, then the Coach will obtain written release from the Client prior to releasing any information to the person compensating the Coach.

Responsibility to Client
The NLP Coach will provide assistance and coaching to all persons without regard to their race, age, socioeconomic status, gender, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.
The NLP Coach is aware that s/he is in an influential position with respect to the Client, and so will avoid creating any dependency on the part of the Client. If Client creates a dependency, NLP Coach will avoid exploiting that dependency. The NLP Coach will avoid conditions (or even multiple relationships with the Client) that could increase the risk of such exploitation. Exploitation of the NLP Coach-Client relationship for personal gain is an example of such exploitation.The NLP Coach will avoid any sexual involvement with Clients.
Throughout the coaching relationship the NLP Coach will make sure that s/he has clear agreements with all Clients and will keep his agreements with Clients, knowing full well the Client does not have the same commitment to keeping agreements until he learns to do so.
The NLP Coach respects the right and the necessity for the Client to make his own decisions and so avoids making any decisions for the client. Coach may however outline the consequences for a Client of making decisions.
When there is a conflict of interest or a potential conflict of interest, the NLP Coach will notify the Client of the possibility and will discuss it fully with the Client, with the NLP Coach suggesting the outcome that is best for the Client. Such discussion will also include full disclosure of any compensation (including referrals) to NLP Coach from another party which is related to the current coaching project. (The word compensation in this paragraph includes any barter or non-monetary compensation.)
If a referral is necessary, or if the NLP Coach cannot adequately handle the outcomes of the Client, the NLP Coach will refer the Client to a competent person. If the Client is dangerous to self or others, the NLP Coach will refer the Client to a licensed practitioner.
The NLP Coach will abide by all state and local laws regarding the reporting of abuse.
The NLP Coach will truthfully and correctly represent his/her education and training, and will not mislead the Client about what s/he can expect from the Coaching session(s), nor will NLP Coach give the Client any information known by him to be misleading.

Personal Responsibility
The NLP Coach will continue to learn and expand his/her horizons, remembering that learning is a process that never completes.
The NLP Coach will stay up to date and continue to review NLP Coaching trainings at regular intervals to ensure that s/he has knowledge of the latest developments and to maintain competence in the 'techniques and processes taught.
The NLP Coach will always speak positively about other Coaches and about coaching as a profession.
The NLP Coach knows that like NLP, coaching is an art and a science. Since that is the case, there are many ways to get the same outcome. The NLP Coach will honor all coaching paths as leading to a positive outcome. IE: The Coach will speak well of other techniques in Coaching and other coaches.
If the NLP Coach has any personal issues that may conflict with or may impair his ability to provide good, sound coaching to any Client for whatever reason, s/he will immediately seek coaching for these issues. If Coaching is not sufficient, then the NLP Coach will seek out the services of a licensed person and will take a hiatus from coaching until complete.
All NLP Coach Trainers are equally bound by these standards and ethics.

I am a certified NLP Coach. I believe in the magnificence of my clients. I believe that each one can change and transform himself so that he gets his outcomes in 30 days or less. I agree to honor and follow the ABNLP Coaching Standards and Ethics, and to conduct myself as a proud member of the NLP Coaching profession.


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